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Potager handcrafts cold-process soap and we believe it’s the best way to create organic soap with a multitude of health benefits.


By cold-process soap, we mean that the heat generated relies solely on the chemical reaction between the fatty acid (plant oils) and the base, rather than by an external heat source like many commercial mass-produced bars. Making soap with simple and clean ingredients, and using the cold-process method with organic plant oils is Potager's preferred way to make healthy soaps that nourish skin. 

Soap is basically a salt. To make soap, a fatty acid (olive oil and/or other plant oil for our vegan Castile soaps) and a base are combined, glycerol is released and through heat and friction, the oil and the base are neutralized into a salt (soap). The glycerol is converted to glycerin. The sodium hydroxide (base) is completely neutralized and none remains in the final product. This process is called saponification.


  1. During saponification, glycerin is produced. Glycerin is responsible for the creamy and smooth texture that allows the nutrients to penetrate deep into the skin. This process creates a bar that leaves the skin feeling fresh and clean. 

  2. Potager soaps are “superfatted” which means 5% of the organic plant oils are left unsaponified during the soap making process, making each bar ultra-hydrating

  3. Cold processed soap is known for its silky smoothness. This comes mainly from the olive oil base, a  luxury near impossible to find in commercial bars. Additionally, you can expect a rich lather, another benefit of using unadulterated veggie oils like coconut oil. 

  4. Many cold processed soaps are made with essential oil. We prefer to use organic essential oils because the aroma-therapeutic properties of our soaps can improve relaxation, increase energy, disinfect, and improve skin.

  5. Washing your hands with cold processed soap made with organic ingredients is healthy for your skin. Soaps with synthetic ingredients strip your skin of natural oils. Potagers Soap cleans skin and leaves it feeling moisturized and soft.

  6. Cold process soaps are typically used in artisan soaps known for their elegance and visual appeal. This method of soap making allows crafters to create a soap that is both functional and a true work of art. 

Cold processed soap-making allows consumers to get the best out of their soap, and Potager's mission is to ensure that each bar of soap delivers maximum health benefits. Castile soaps, such as ours, use certified organic olive oil as their base carrier-oil which creates a moisturizing soap that improves skin when hand-washing, showering, and bathing.

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