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Castile soaps are derived from olive oil and other vegetable oils and are known for their skin-friendliness and moisturizing properties. Castille soap is beneficial for skin and also useful for household cleaning. 

Castile soap originated in the Castile region of Spain when Aleppo soap makers combined olive oil with sodium carbonate to create a new soap that revolutionized soap making in Europe.

Authentic castile soap is made with vegetable oils like olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, jojoba oil, sunflower oil, shea butter, hemp oil, and others. These soaps are typically vegan and are beloved for their moisturizing abilities and lower carbon footprint than tallow-based soaps.


Vegetable oils found in castile soap penetrate deep into the skin leaving it moisturized, softened, and refreshed. Vegetable oil-based soaps are known for cleaning skin without leaving skin feeling dry and tight. 

Healing Properties
Vegetable oils found in castile soap penetrate pores and clean skin while delivering nutrients deep into the skin. The organic essential oils found in Potager Soap have natural aromatherapeutic and healing properties that can help heal minor skin conditions and reduce inflammation. 

Cold-process soap making is the preferred method of Potager Soap and produces natural glycerin, which makes skin feel hydrated and fresh. Potager’s castile soap retains its natural glycerin and provides an unmatched skin-nourishing experience. 

Gentle on Sensitive Skin
Potager’s castile soaps are crafted from organic vegetable oils and botanicals, never harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances or preservatives. The result is a natural soap, perfect for sensitive skin. 

Safe Ingredients
Castile soap is known for using cleaner ingredients than other soap, and Potager is no different. Potager’s mission is to create clean and healthy personal care products with no exception. You’ll never find synthetic fragrances or preservatives in our soap.


Dish Soap
Castile soaps are used for dishwashing and are a great alternative, especially if you’ve run out of conventional dish soap. Washing dishes with castile soap is a safe way to clean away the grease, and it is an environmentally friendly alternative to soaps with harsh chemicals.

All-Purpose Cleaning
Using castile soap on the surfaces of your home is a safe and effective way to do chores. You'll readily find DIY castile soap recommendations on the internet, and the people who use castile soap for household cleaning swear by it!

Since castile soaps have a natural lather, they are a good companion for shaving. While using a bar of castile soap, you will find the lather and suds make the experience effortless. 

Castile soap is versatile, natural, and provides tremendous health benefits. Potager’s Grade A organic extra virgin olive oil raises the bar for all castile soap and was created to provide maximum health benefits. Potager Soap’s healing properties are unmatched and help form a breathable film that holds moisture close to the skin, and prevents the loss of moisture. An important point to note is that olive oil doesn’t block the natural function of the skin. 

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